Meet Vicki


Vicki Stephens launched Vicki's Little Rascals Petcare in 2001.

Just a year out of college and a casualty of the bubble burst, Vicki was laid off from her first job in hi-tech marketing. Right then and there, she decided to change paths and pursue her passion- to grow a small business that she connected with and that would provide a service that truly helped her community, families and their all deserving 4-legged kiddos.

In Vicki's own words, "I have always been a passionate dog lover. I also love meeting new people, helping and connecting. I am professional and pursue all of my endeavors as if I am shooting for the Honor Roll. When I surveyed the options in pet care on the Peninsula, I saw an opportunity to offer a service that was simply better. I wanted to offer an interactive service that pet parents could trust and an experience that dogs would go wild for. I spend the time to foster a relationship with the rascals, and their parents too. That is what feels rewarding."

Clients with Vicki get so much more than a simple dog walk and generic report card- customers will be a part of the experience through her active social media program showcasing Rascal Ranch footage and monthly Blog posts.

A Belmont native, Ralston Middle School Ram, Notre Dame High School Tiger and Chico State Wildcat, Vicki built her business where it all started- the Peninsula. A dog owner and neighborhood pet sitter for years, Vicki built her business and honed her skills, one rascal at a time. 

These days, Vicki beams with pride and joy everyday she steps onto her private Rascal Ranch.

"I had dreamed of an awesome, private play land for my pups for years. A utopia where I could handpick the pups who were invited to play, an open space that was so big the dogs didn't even notice they were enclosed and a slice of nature that would engage rascals to just be dogs. When I finally found the acreage that would soon be the Rascal Ranch in 2015, I could not build it fast enough! After my 14 years of working with dogs, hiking off leash, spending hours in dog parks, I knew what worked and what didn't to provide a safe and engaging play environment that would drive socialization and trust. From the custom fencing, my meticulous mowing to eliminate fox tails, poison oak and prevent pests to my innovative play structures. Every aspect of the Rascal Ranch was built for safety and designed for fun."

Vicki could go on.. but in this case, a happy dog picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy the smiling doggy faces at Rascal Ranch through our video and photo gallery.

Photography courtesy of Vicki Stephens.


The Original Rascal

My Henry

December 29,2004-April 13,2015