“Vicki has been nothing but kind and loving to my bulldogs. Vicki and her team are not only responsible with my pup, they are respectful people. Thank you for all the amazing experiences! Vicki takes pride in her job and the ranch— keep it up!”

— Jaymi H.


“I have a 4 month old standard poodle, Storm, who has lots of energy. Everyday Vicki or her crew pick him up, he is beyond excited! As soon as he knows they are here he is just one big wiggle worm! He comes home tired, happy and calmer. Vicki is knowledgeable and straightforward in her communications. I feel happy that Storm gets out of the house several hours a day to go play in a very safe and friendly environment. I can’t imagine a better experience for my puppy.”

— Jane E.


"Cooper loves his daily outings at Vicki’s ranch! He is so excited to hear the car pull up to pick him and runs to the back door to meet her. He comes home exhausted after a tough day playing with this friends! I love how much Vicki and her staff love Cooper, like he is part of the family."

— Laura H., San Francisco, CA


"Vicki and her helper, Mary Alice are the best of the best. Vicki has poured her heart into creating a special and unique place for the dogs she cares for. At “Rascal Ranch” the dogs can run free, play and socialize, or chill in the shade watching the action go by in a safe, enclosed off leash area. My high energy, fun loving pup comes back happy and exhausted after his several hour outing with Vicki and Mary Alice. He’s a lucky dog."

— Sarah S., San Carlos, CA

“Kona loves going to play at the ranch. It gives her a chance to run off all that energy she has and she gets to enjoy the camaraderie of other dogs. She is exhausted when she gets home and is happy to sleep the rest of the day. Working full time and having small children, Vicki and her team are life savers!”

— Shea B.


"SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME OF RESEARCHING THE RIGHT “WALKER” and choose Vicki. Vicki and her employee, Mary Alice, are the absolute BEST and your dog will never be happier or more tired after spending time at her Rascal Ranch. Now let me tell you about the ranch from a Mother’s point of view. Again, I have no human children but to my dog child the Rascal Ranch is the equivalent of being in elementary school and having recess for several hours followed by quiet time - NO OTHER WORK TO DO! I don’t have to drive my dog to school, I don’t have to pack his lunch, and I don’t have to worry if my dog is in the right school district. What I pay for is the VERY BEST private dog schooling possible."

— Lisa M.


"This pet care experience is the best! It has been a number of months now and I’m thrilled to see my two pups run out to Mary-Alice when she comes to pick them up for the trip to HMB. Vicki Stephens has done a tremendous job with keeping the play area interesting and fun for her rascals; there is also shaded areas for rain or hot sunny days, and plenty of water. Vicki is a responsible business person with a love for dogs, not necessarily in that order."

— Vicki O., San Carlos, CA


"Vicki and her crew are absolutely wonderful. She has walked every dog we have ever had & they absolutely love it. The best compliment - my hyper golden retriever is exhausted when he gets home. Good for everyone! Highly recommend!!!"

— Todd M., Truckee, CA

“I have been a client with a few dog walkers in the Bay Area over the past 8 years and hands down Vicki is one of the absolute best. There are many reasons:

She clearly absolutely adores dogs. Seems like an obvious point to make but having met a few dog walkers who would coo over your pup but then not really give a damn when they got them to the dog park, I think it’s a crucial point.

Vicki works with the dogs individually. She really takes the time to listen what’s great about your dog, any watch out areas and remembers each of the personalities.

She is super calm and professional. Yes of course like the rest of us she gives the dogs a wonderful amount of affection and love but she takes pride in a no drama, no fuss approach which I really appreciate. You see the dog walkers struggling to maintain control of four or five dogs who are barking, lunging, running off and pooping everywhere? That’s not Vicki.

Vicki makes sure that the pack works together, she has a minimum amount of days that dogs can go out to the ranch and that really helps. They all know each other.

But what I like most of all and really appreciate is the amazing private, fenced in ranch that the dogs get to enjoy. Four acres of heaven. I would prefer this to any dog walker that promises a hike or trip to a dog park. This is a purpose build, fenced in, safe and secure private space where the dogs can run free. You couldn’t ask for better.

Shadow has been going to Vicki for three years now, including four days a week at the ranch and various overnight dog sitting adventures for up to 9 days at a time and she adores every moment.”

— Natalie H., San Francisco, CA