Everybody Cut Loose, Footloose.

My name is Russ. Sometimes I go by Russell at the Rascal Ranch. Aunt Vicki only calls me that when she thinks I’m not paying attention.

I am a yellow Labrador Retriever. I once read that we can run 12 miles an hour in just 3 seconds. I think I might be able run 14. I am not the only yellow lab in the pack, so I do my best to stand out. I wear a bright red harness every day and keep my teeth clean for pictures. Aunt Vicki always has her iPhone out, but her battery seems to die right before I do my best moves. I swear I jumped 22 feet the other day- you should have seen it!

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Victoria Stephens
From City Slicker to Rancher… What have I gotten myself into?

Last year was the start of a new chapter and unique set of credentials that I am guessing is usually reserved for a grounds crew. In 2015, I went from City Slicker to Rancher. My Google searches went from “Stitch Fix” to “Tuff Shed”, from “happy hour spots” to “organic weed abatement.” I researched and made numerous spreadsheets comparing riding lawn tractors and actually “test drove” (or test-mowed) them. I learned what a t-post driver was, and now, I even know how to use one. I made friends with tire shop owners and built a puppy playground and agility course out of forgotten tires with my own hands. It get’s better. I could tell you the key differences between sheep and horse fencing. I can even look at banana slugs these days without screaming. (Snakes- well, that’s a different story.) But most importantly, I learned that most of the world’s problems can actually be solved with duct tape and a zip tie. At least on the ranch.

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