Let's Play Twenty Questions...

After so many years in business, I have heard them all! Let's start with the most common questions.

1. How do I sign up my little rascal? Do I need to meet you first?
First, fill out my new client inquiry form. Complete and submit the form HERE.
Yes, Vicki's Little Rascals offers a complimentary consultation for you and your pet to get acquainted with the service. During the visit, you will fill out a pet profile with behaviorial information as well as emergency and veterinarian contact numbers. It will be an opportunity for you to explain your little rascals' routine and special needs.

Contact me today: 650.593.4286 or email: vickislittlerascals@gmail.com.

2. What is your payment policy?
Vicki’s Little Rascals operates on a monthly billing schedule that calls for all payments on the first of the month. Clients receive an email each Sunday night before pay week - as a reminder to leave payment. I utilize forward billing to reserve your little rascals’ spot in my schedule. When planning my walking schedule and when evaluating my ability to take on additional work, I depend on the two-week advance schedule to determine my availability.

3. What is your cancellation policy?
Once your little rascal’s walks have been paid for and reserved within a pay period, 
There will be NO refunds or credits towards the next pay period. all cancelled walks
will be rescheduled on another day. Credits will only be given for emergencies, medical restrictions and vet visits. if you need to reschedule pre-paid walks within the pay period, I will make EVERY effort to accommodate your needs.

4. What do you do when it is RAINING CATS AND DOGS?
I don't melt, I sing in the rain. Vicki's Little Rascals is not afraid of a little water. We play like it is July and I bring your pooches home totally dry.

5. What areas do your services cover?
I offer dog walking and pet sitting services in Burlingame, San Mateo, Belmont, San Carlos and Redwood City. We do not currently offer service south of Redwood City or north of Millbrae, but please do not hesitate to contact me for referrals.

6. Is Vicki's Little Rascals insured?
Yes, Vicki's Little Rascals is insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

7. How many dogs do you take out to the Rascal Ranch?
Rascal Ranch Dog adventures consist of 15-20 dogs. All dogs participating in Ranch visits must be non-aggressive, up to date on all vaccinations, and flea and tick meds. Myself and my two team members always maintain a watchful eye and control over all play at Rascal Ranch to ensure safety.

8. How long does each dog walking adventure last?
Each dog walking adventure is at least two hours of off leash play at the Rascal Ranch plus 1-2 hours for pick up and drop offs. All together, your little rascal will be out with the pack for 3-4 hours.

9. How do you transport the rascal groups?
The official automobiles for Vicki's Little Rascals are a small fleet of Honda Odyssey Minivan. It is constant pleasant 68 degrees equipped with DVD players, couch style seating, and all the water the pups can drink. 

10. I have a wonderful dog that loves people, but not other dogs. Do you offer any private services?
Some rascals prefer people to pooches. Private 20 min walks are a bit more expensive than group outings, but the special treatment makes the extra bones worth it. *Availability is VERY limited.

11. How do you introduce new rascals to the group?
With any new client, I spend the first 1-2 weeks with the new pup in the Ranch's separated "Rookie Rascal" area. It is important that the little rascal recognize me as the top dog before any group adventures. I create a safe space for them and then bring in the other rascals one by one, for a non-threatening introduction. Once I feel that the new little rascal is responsive to me and has exhibited friendly, confident behavior, I introduce the little pooch to his or her playgroup.

12. How far in advance do I need to book dog walking and pet sitting?
All clients are on a preset, regular weekly schedule. I try to accommodate everyone, but changes to the regular schedule are subject to availability. Pet sitting services vary, but the sooner you book, the better.

13. If I sign my dog up for weekly walks, can you feed/medicate my little rascal too?
Yes, the extra time for feeding or administering pills is an additional fee, but it is available. Injections and sub-q fluids are not offered.

14. Will it always be the same person walking or pet sitting my little rascals?
YES, YES. I keep my roster small, so that I can personally accommodate all of my clients needs. Bigger is not better when providing such a personal and unique service. My two assistants and I handle all dog care. No surprises!

15. Wow! Are these all YOUR dogs?
If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me this question during my weekday... My daily response, "I have a dog walking business and these pups are all my step-dogs. And yes, they are the cutest in town!"